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Fabrice TESTA has founded, co-founded or participated in the creation of 10+ companies.


He generated 9-figure revenues.


In the last 30 years, he developed and implemented 40+ crazy ideas.

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Online Coaching Program

Fabrice TESTA as your success coach


12 Weeks

12 Modules

18 Hours of videos

79 Lessons

19 Assignments 

Tens of tips, tools and frameworks

Course Curriculum


Building the world you love


The world needs entrepreneurs, innovators, inventors, and game-changers… the world needs you!  You’ll learn to understand your inner story and why you want to dedicate a big part of your life at building the world you love and at making your dreams a reality. Take 100% responsibility of your future and tap into the abundance to achieve anything you want. 



Enter the age of exponential acceleration


Understand the Age of Exponential Acceleration and why humanity’s problems are accelerating exponentially, posing more and more challenges of extraordinary complexity. Trust your crazy ideas because they can solve some of today’s mega-problems abound. Unlock your breakthrough potential to become a builder



Defining your MTP


Reflect on what gets you off the bed every morning. Clarify the wildest dreams you want to materialize. Work on your Massive Transformative Purpose that will act as your True North and will give you the fortitude to persevere when you face failures.  Test your capacities of perseverance and resilience. Learn several techniques like pre-mortem analysis and visualization.



Designing your moonshot


Define a moonshot and what you would like to achieve in 5, 10 and 20 years.  Design and plan your moonshot.  Understand the principle of risk asymmetry.  Learn how it is possible to pursue several moonshots.



Creating your master plan


Create your master plan including your technology roadmap, your team hiring and development plan, your funding plan, a customer acquisition strategy, and a preliminary sales forecast.  Define precisely all the resources you need and how to bring them on board. Develop your attraction superpower.


Perfecting your business case

Define your business case considering the market dynamics (size and competition), the sales cycle, your customer funnel, and your growth strategy. Learn how to quickly check the viability of your business and how to build a comprehensive Excel-based financial model to plan and forecast your business, to communicate your projections, to guide and manage your business.



Discovering the exponential technologies


Study and research about exponential technologies (artificial intelligence and machine learning, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain, genomics, cloud computing, 3-D printing, robotics, energy, materials science, connectivity). Understand their enormous potential while evaluating their risks.  Be aware about their maturity levels.



Building your amazing solution


Learn how to build amazing solutions by challenging the status quo, using, and combining technologies creatively. Unleash your builder full potential. Discover creative tools like SCAMPER or the 4-WHYs.  Find your own out-of-the-ordinary techniques that will contribute to your success in life.



Leveraging the zeitgeist


Understand the concepts of technology adoption life cycle and hype cycle. Learn how to spark excitement by capturing the Zeitgeist, commercializing products that the market desires at the right moment. Enable the impossible to become possible. Discover the pattern recognition technique.



Adopting the Yamakasi mindset


Reflect on your core values.  Develop and embrace fully the Yamakasi mindset, to deliver flawless execution and succeed.



Materializing your breakthrough potential


Review the CRAZY Method and how it can allow you to materialize your breakthrough potential.  Learn how to apply the method in your business and in your life to get anything you want from life, materialize your dreams, and build your future.



Living as a Superpreneur

In this last module you will learn how to live as a superpreneur, tapping into the abundance and being a trailblazer at the Age of Exponential Acceleration.  Get impactful results in anything you do by leveraging each of your actions exponentially thanks to the lessons learnt during the programme.

Your successful coach: FABRICE TESTA

  • FABRICE TESTA will be your personal and dedicated coach, to support and guide you through your journey.

  • 1x1 calls with FABRICE TESTA at key milestones, to celebrate your progress, prepare for your next steps, and troubleshoot any potential roadblocks.

  • FABRICE TESTA will give you feedback on all your assignments, so you can feel confident about your decisions and know that you’re on the right track.

  • Weekly accountability check-ins and feedback, so you stay on track and keep moving forward.

  • Weekly live group Q&A calls, to answer questions on the week’s topic, deepen your understanding and gain additional insight.

  • Weekly office hour calls, where you can ask questions, get feedback, share strategies, and get help working through any blocks you’re experiencing.

  • Unlimited email support, so you can always get help, feedback, or additional support when you need it.

  • Participate in a rich and vibrant peer-support community, where everyone is a dedicated entrepreneur, innovator or game-changer.

Certificate of Guarantee

Common blocks when you are not well prepared and you don’t have the right plan

 lost and not knowing how to materialize your full potential.

  • Feeling lost and not knowing how to materialize your full potential.
  • Not knowing where and how to start, there is so much to do. You doubt you can make it.
  • Staying alone with all your problems, and not being able to attract others to help you.
  • Investing your resources without any major progress.
  • Pivoting multiple times and never reaching results.

Now imagine…

u don’t fail.

  • You are attractive,  getting people and money.

  • You materialize your dream and succeed exponentially.

  • You achieve your wildest dreams.

  • You impact the world.

For ...

  • You're launching your business and you want to have a 10X more robust plan, be 10X more attractive to secure funding, attract the best people and become the next unicorn.
  • You already launched your business and you want to scale exponentially 10X faster and more efficiently.
  • You're a coach or a consultant who wants to get 10X more revenues while creating a long-lasting impact on your clients.
  • You're a business leader who wants to achieve 10X bigger and bolder goals.
  • You're a high-performer who desires to reach 10X better results, not leaving anything on the table. 
  • You want to shape a 10X better future for you and your loved ones, by materializing your wildest dreams.

Build the world you love!

This premium online program has been handcrafted with sincere devotion to provide you with supremely valuable instruction for producing the finest work of your career, leading your field, mastering your inner life and serving the world majestically.

... it’s not only a coaching program with the most advanced methods for materializing your breakthrough potential — it’s also an extraordinary way to ensure you achieve anything you want.

This is a completely unique program to give you the tools and support to make a complete personal and professional transformation, so that you can finally achieve your full potential and the life you've always dreamed about!

By the end of this 12-week program, you will have a robust mindset and a compelling plan to accomplishing your big and bold dreams.

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“Thank you, Fabrice, for all the coaching sessions that you gave us. I really enjoyed working with you and I hope that we will be able to do business once again in the future!”

“I would like to thank you most sincerely for the support and assistance provided to us during the coaching. I really appreciated your very concrete way of working and helping us. It was a determining factor for success. Again a big thank you.”

"Thank you Fabrice for putting together this program. It's very well structured and provide a lot of tools that can help anyone to structure ideas to reach the next level."

"Thanks to Fabrice for a great and very valuable course, structured such as one learns a great deal of new concepts tools and ideas, and all whilst working and without being overly time consuming. Very well crafted, thank you."

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